Fund Drives

Let US help your organization raise funds for your needs: Schools, scouts, churches, sports and other charitable groups.
WE will do the counting for you and No presorting is required.

Types of Fund Drive:

1. Short term fund drive. The person/organization collects and brings in the containers over a specific period of time. (Example : 1 week, 3 days…)

2. Continuous fund drive. This type of fund drive held over a longer period of time. The fund drive information is provided by the group. When people redeem their containers they let us know the name of the organization where they want the money to be donated. Records are available for viewing at any time. Money is disbursed to the designable person/organization upon request.

Call 432-0970 or stop in for more information!
Or email us at

Or you can fill out the below form and we will get back to you about the details.

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